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The Weber Brothers - Lost & Found
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The Weber Brothers - Lost & Found


"Imagine a band so indebted to the likes of Bob Dylan, the Band and Dr. John that their music comes off like the last 25 years never happened, straight-up rock devoid of pretense or any definable link to Cobain or Yorke, played by two young guys. That's the Weber Brothers. Sure, they cut their teeth backing up Ronnie Hawkins, but they find their own voice on Lost And Found, their second album. In melodically complex rock numbers, saxes, trumpets and trombones add subtle textures to Sam's world-weary voice, which has developed a unique timbre only hinted at on the Webers' debut set. It's kinda the album I hoped the Wallflowers would drop instead of that One Headlight deal. If you're searching for the perfect disc to spin between Desire and Music From Big Pink, look no further." NNNN-NOW Rating Critics’ Pick > BY BRENT RAYNOR

Track List:

1. Old Train
2. Take It All Away
3. Toledo Blues
4. Loneliness
5. Weekend In Beeton
6. Moon Rushed In
7. Funny Little World
8. I'm A Stranger Here
9. Don't Let Love
10. Dirty Water Blues
11. Jude In The Other Room
12. Lost And Found

Bonus Tracks:

13. Alabama Rattler
14. When This War Comes To An End
15. Daisy Jane

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“They have the talent to be as big as anyone in the world”


"Just don't expect any White Stripes covers any time soon. Although the 300-plus songs in their repertoire cover everyone from Hank Williams to The Band, it may seem odd that the 20-something rockers (24 & 21) have nary a contemporary tune in their arsenal. Nevertheless, their orginals sound both fresh while staying true to an aesthetic that's equal parts Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan."


" slouches, their (first) independent debut CD is a 25-song set of orginals ranging in style from country blues to southern boogie and swampy R&B, recorded in just three hours..."


"I hate the Weber Brothers. Granted, it's a hatred totally based on jealousy, but it's one any self-respecting music fan can appreciate... you'd think another reel of the Basement Tapes had been unearthed."


", the Webers put time aside every day to rehearse and write songs — usually separately until the final stages. They've also learned not to not to be afraid to track down their musical idols and the value of a well-maintained list of heavy connections."

Greg Quill- Toronto Star

"enthusiasm, energy wise the band is great...consistently they're great and we know that..."

Garth Hudson- The Band

"Quite simply astounding" Jeff Macklin-Peterborough Examiner

"Highly talented band... The Weber Brothers wow the crowds" Glen Silverhorn-The Expositor

"The Weber Brothers: growing from a musical time warp...current bands cite grunge groups like Nirvana as influences, this tandem takes the late Ray Charles, The Beatles and The Band as their mentors."- Durham Sun

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